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SOLUX specializes in easy to use, fully customizable Point of Sale Systems to meet the needs of most business environments.

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Real Solutions

Whether you are looking for Restaurant, Retail or Salon POS Solutions, SOLUX will guide you to the Best POS System for your needs. We carry only high-quality products, all fully customizable and offered with great pricing.

Cutting-Edge Technology

Technology is the key feature that identifies the SOLUX brand. From this standpoint, we seek to deliver automation solutions that simplify the sales process for users.

SOLUX is known for its cutting-edge technology and the superior quality of its products.

Our clients’ success is SOLUX’s main goal and constant innovation the daily vision of our work team.

It is our clients’ needs that inspire the development of the necessary equipment that best fits their business demands worldwide.

High-Quality Devices

The SOLUX sales product line stems from constant research, user feedback, and the highest quality standards with which each one of the devices is built.

Each detail of this process is carefully planned in order to ensure the long life of all SOLUX products. We take into account every detail concerning product development, market analysis, hardware and software development, manufacturing, and distribution, with wholesale clients, small dealerships, and final users in mind.

SOLUX performs constant analyses of the competition so as to guarantee equipment that exceeds the highest expectations of our clients and to remain your favorite supplier.